• Next Generation Technology Next Generation Technology The Time Domain Switched (TDS) sensor technology creates a fundamental shift in the way sensing is done.  By making measurements using a clock instead of traditional methods, TDS devices are able to achieve performance never before possible in a MEMS device.
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  • Consumer Electronics Navigation Consumer Electronics Navigation The smartphone industry has come to realize that GPS alone is not a reliable source of position information in indoor and urban enviroments.  By integrating Lumedyne's TDS sensors, users get substantial benefits to position accuracy at reduced system level power consumption.
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  • Industrial & Structural Monitoring Industrial & Structural Monitoring Time Domain Switched (TDS) sensors can monitor the health of machines and buildings by measuring their natural vibrations. By doing so, engineers can determine when important maintenance or repairs need to take place and detect eminent problems before they occur.
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  • Oil Exploration Oil Exploration Utilizing a method called seismic imaging, Lumedyne’s Time Domain Switched (TDS) sensors can be used to find oil and natural gasses underneath the surface of the Earth.  Lumedyne’s TDS sensors offer a significant performance improvement over current generation devices improving imaging quality while simultaneously reducing the size, weight, and power of each unit.
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  • Navigation Navigation Inertial navigation systems combine accelerometers and gyroscopes with GPS to provide continuous navigation information for airplanes, missiles, unmanned vehicles, and more.  Lumedyne’s Time Domain Switched (TDS) sensors are the first MEMS inertial sensors capable of delivering true navigation performance.
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